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Bots Power

What Does ‘Bots’ Actually Mean?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘internet bots’. If you are picturing a human sized robot that this clicking all is way down through the computer, then you are mistaken. They are in fact some automated programs through the internet. Also known as robots, these programs are very fast in deed. It is generally used in repetitive works like playing casino or forex and trading.

Apart from this bots can also act as virtual assistant. It can also make automated replies to users that seem just like normal human. Thus, it saves time and money in training a real human, in case a company is thinking of hiring a real human assistant. At the present moment there are various types of bots out are there which are useful for home as well as business use. Some of them are described below.


  1. Forex Bots: these bots are designed specially to find the latest bargain on shopping sites like ebay or other auction site. As it is first one gets the latest deal in minutes.
  2. Roulette Bots: As the name suggests the bots are specially designed to play casino on one’s behalf. As they use highly researched materials to make bets, the chances of winning in the roulette game also rises high.
  3. Virtual Assistant Bot: Generally used by companies, this bots gives automated responses to the customers. With highly sophisticated program, they can respond like normal human and give relevant solutions to the customers. It is widely used by businesses as it is both money and time saving.
  4. Other Bots: There were several other bots that can give weather reports, currency exchange rates, also can announce sport results and search specific telephone numbers.

In conclusion, bots are our friends. If you know how to use them correctly then you can get lots of good outcome using this bots. Bots can be really useful to do extensive researches as they are very fast in producing result. The work that would take days for a human to accomplish, using the bots can create better results in the minimum time.

Roulette Site of the Month

Bid Palz: If you think that there is lot of luck involved in roulette, then you might be surprised to know that the truth is that there are even more calculations involved in it. And this website perfectly does the job of helping you. This website is notable for it covers four different types of roulettes which includes – Martiangle, Dozen, half dozen and red-black switch. It has got hundreds of positive reviews and is undoubtedly a great weapon to earn at the roulette games.

Forex Bot of the Month

Can you really make $1 million in a year doing nothing? This is what I get from the Million Dollar Pips Website.

If you had put $250 into an account 1 year ago using my completely unique, automated Forex profit-pumping machine, and checked now you would have returned to a cool $1,295,161.50 staring you in the face saying “spend me”.

I can’t help but be skeptical. That’s my nature, I guess. I admit I have friends who are living fast moving lifestyles with flashy cars and luxurious homes from forex trading but still ….

However, if you are less ambitious, I think this robot would be promising. From my first few days of trade, I’ve made profit. But one thing is you must get the right broker with a decent spread.



Million Dollar Pips

 $250 to $1,295,161.50 in 1 year

Never Risking More Than 2.5% of Account Equity


The Million Dollars Pips Robot

The Forex Million Dollars Pips Robot That Has Hit the Market

So let’s look at Million Dollar Pips.

To know more about a forex system or software, it is most important to check out on the creator and whether you think you can trust him not to be a scammer.

Million Dollar Pips is created by William Morrison. He is not your typical trader banker or broker type… He’s not the usual guy who was broke and homeless and made it big after using the forex robot.

He was an over-worked software developer in a big company who was frustrated and decided to do something for himself. He ended up buying 6 forex robots and tested them out but found that they performed badly. These robots like many in the market today won’t work because they use high risk trading strategies that can destroy your account any day. Many forex software promoters often curve fit their back tests… meaning results are faked. Others will use the same tired system and repackage it over and over again.

That was when he decided to make a robot himself.

Here are the basic properties that of this Million Dollar Pips forex robot.

  • It is an automated Forex trading robot

  • It utilizes a safe and unique scalping strategy

  • Features good and effective money management

  •  It does not use any martingale strategies

  • It is NFA compliant

So he actually and train a robot to earn him his riches in the form of a completely automated money-generating powerhouse. The type that you set it, forget it and it earns money for you.

The advantage of a bot like Million Dollar Pips is that you need not waste time on research and analysis that actually can cost you time and money. There is no interpreting or scary number crunching… indicators… or tread lines… at all.

A robot like Million Dollar Pips is worth looking into as it reporting good accuracy and you can trade with as lowest possible risk possible. Only the best trades possible are carried out.

The Million Dollars Pips Robot

The other big advantage is that there is no stress. Furthermore, computers don’t get emotional. Emotions affect trades and even the most seasoned of traders can’t deny the powerful role emotions play in making financial decisions. So here, you won’t have to struggle with any of that.

Here with Million Dollar Pips, you get a slave worker who will trade 24/5 and stay up late to work for you without vacation and never asking for a cut.

Based on 5 years of testing the software using high quality data, with an initial deposit of $250, the creator ended up with an incredible $10,821,556.40 with a max risk of 6.82% of the account. What else you want in a workers/slave?